Portfolio Manager

Welcome to portfolio manager:

  • Once stop shop for all your financial data
  • Google signin. User your google email address and password to signin and manage your portfolio in Protfolio Manager
  • Manage your protfolio. Monitor your stock performance, create new portfolio, add new stocks, delete obselete stocks and edit existing stocks.
  • Upload your google portfolio (Coming soon). Upload your existing google portfolio to portfolio manager.
  • Foreign currency exchange. Monitor exchange rate of you local currenty with other world currencies
  • World market. Monitor world stock exchange markets.
  • Commodities. Monitor commodies like Gold, Silver, OIL, Zinc, Copper etc.
  • Cryptocurrencies. Monitor crypto curriencies
  • Stock Details (Coming soon...). Click on stock name in your portfolio and see details about your stock and associated market new
  • Groogle Chrome. Google chrome is supported (Application is build using Angular 2 with ASP.Net Core 2.0)
  • Charity. Show your love to less fortunate people by donating to your favioure charities .

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